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The Dance of Life, And the Magic of Moonlight in May

Standing in the brightest moonlight

Like the middle of the day!

Not a shadow !  And I stood there

At the window; it was May

And I looked out on the front yard,

Saw the flower bed on the lawn

And I knew that in the morning

There would be at early dawn

All the birds in God’s great heaven

Descending on the garden rows

Gathered there in great profusion

Robins, sparrows, thrushes, crows!

As I changed my dress to nightie,

Cool and sweet the scent of May

Wafted in, the breezes blowing

In that moonlight bright as day!

Down below I knew the fairies

Dwelt in Mother’s big tree stump

And I summoned them to join me

On the featherbed to jump!

In my petticoat I pranced and danced

All around the bed I stepped

In the bright light of my bedroom,

While the others sweetly slept.

No one saw but Mother Moon

And the fairies—they could skip

On my window sill in fairy time

Light fantastic they did trip!

Only in the May time moonlight–

Only then can fairies meet

With a little girl in her petticoat

And lend her fairy’s feet.

No sound of bed springs creaking

For the spell the fairies brought

In the night of moonlight magic

Only in the month of May is wrought!

Oh, to be again a child of nine

In my room up on the Hill,

Dancing wildly with the fairies

On my moonlit window sill!

In the May time tripping lightly

Fairies holding me in trance,

While in magic of sweet May time–

Moonlight magic trip-toe-dance!

Childhood memories!  Oh how precious!

How delightful!  How pristine!

Lord, in mists of childhood memories

Lives the one you call,  “Maxine.”

Though the frame is bent and twisted

Still we view the dreamy scene

It’s a little girl in her petticoat

Dancing in the moonlight, it’s— Maxine!

Now in the Light of Love we see her

Not at nine but ninety-four

Dancing still, in May-time magic

Feet three inches from the floor!

God the Infinite Creator

Made her feet to dance in tune

To the music of the spheres

As well as childhood’s May-time moon!

Now He brings the Light in Darkness

Brighter than a moon in May,

Gives her voice the lilt of singing

To the Lord a joyful lay!

Brings her feet to stand in wonder

Brings the words in awesome power

It’s that little girl in her petticoat

In another day and hour.

Still she sings and dances wildly

When the Spirit wings His way,

To remind her of His mercy

And His love –and that it’s May!

Winds no longer bring their chill

Summer lingers in the wing;

Lovely May-time brings her cheer,

The Lord has given us His Spring!

Oh Time!  I do salute you!

I have enjoyed your seasons kind,

And all the memories that you bring

To give me pleasure in my mind!

Thank you, Lord, for years I’ve had

And the memories that you bring!

Thanks for the dance of childhood!

The dance of Life!  And Spring!

Maxine Bersch-Lovern

April 20, 2013

May is on our doorstep!

2 Responses to “The Dance of Life, And the Magic of Moonlight in May”

  1. max says:

    April 22, 2013 – 4:31 PM
    I envision heaven as eternal Spring, and we’ll all enjoy tripping the light fantastic for eternity…

  2. max says:

    May 28, 2013 – 10:12 AM
    I wish I felt like dancing like that…

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