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The Christian Woman of Today

        Of course, we honor all honorable men who by chance are reading this blog which is written by a woman.   I assure you it is meant for the men folks as well.  I remind you at this point that I had a father, and I also married a MAN who became the father of our two sons, as well as our daughter!  Therefore, I must say that I am All for Fathers!  Yes, indeed!  Hurrah for Fathers! May their tribe increase!  I speak of those who are married to the mother of their children and who love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it!  Amen!  Absolutely!  Otherwise, go crawl in a hole and throw chunks at yourself.

My remarks are based on ninety four years of living life.  I had brothers and a father. I think that does allow me to make certain statements from the standpoint of experience concerning character traits.. It is getting close to my mother’s birthday which is September 13, and I am writing this in memory of Mother.   I wrote this several years ago, and rewrote it a few months ago, and now I am rewriting it because I recently returned from visiting with some of Mother’s grandchildren and great grands, and even great, greats.

These dear ones all show the Christian character that she portrayed.  I found myself thinking again  and again how glad she will be when we all gather around her in heaven and she sees each beautiful or handsome face. While there I visited Irene’s two daughters and their families, and Josephine’s two daughters and their families, and one of her sons’ surviving wife and one of his sons and family, and two of his daughters and their families.  All of adult family members that I visited are Christians, and are bringing their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Some of the children who have reached the age of accountability are now Christians.  This proves the promise of God that He visits goodness and mercy to thousands of generations of those who love Him and keep His commandments.

The scriptures speak clearly about the values we hold as Christians.

I base my comments on Proverbs 31:10-31, because anytime you talk about Christian womanhood you get the reference to that portion of scripture–the famous ABCs of the perfect wife.  The reader many times emphasizes the question, “Who can FIND a virtuous woman?” The reader is often a man in the pulpit.

Notice as soon as King Lemuel asks the question, “who can find such a person,” then he begins to enumerate her qualities. Well, glory be! He must have found her.   The Amplified Bible shows the verse this way:  Who is the man who can find her?  That certainly does shed light on this passage of scripture.  “Who is the man–aha! That is the question!  Who?  It’s not like there is no such person, as many people like to infer, but who is the man who can find her?  That is the question.

It is obvious that Lemuel found her and knew all of her great qualities.  We know he had such a mother because the chapter starts with her admonitions to him.  Perhaps he also had sisters, and then no doubt he had this wonderful wife that he describes from A to Z.

The comparison to rare jewels is actually the clue to what is meant by the words, “who can find?”  Naturally, we pay dearly for a rare gem–but jewelry stores all over the world exist because they have been mined and now they can be had–for a price, of course!  The writer pays tribute to the women he has known who are like that.

NIV says, “A wife of noble character who can find?”  He thinks how splendid it is that God made them. It would be like the pearl of great price.  This person has great characteristics that are unmatchable. It is not that such women are scarce, but when he asks, who can find, he is saying, what man is willing to pay the price necessary for intimacy with such a person? That’s where the water hits the wheel. How many husbands love the wife as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it?

It is my belief that there are literally millions of wives who answer the description as given in these verses but she hides herself in Christ and it takes a special man to find her for her price is far above rubies. She requires nothing less than a love comparable to that of Jesus Christ for the church—and the Amplified Bible has it right, who is the man who can find her?

A good wife complements her husband. He’s proud of her and it’s a constant delight to him to discover new and beautiful facets of her personality blazing forth from hidden depths.

So whatever salary he brings she makes it cover all the things needed for the home.  She’s worth her weight in gold! You can believe it! When it comes to marketing, she watches the paper, cuts out the coupons, and she’s going where they give double value.  She “brings her food from afar” as it says there in verse fourteen.

She’s up at the crack of dawn packing lunches, getting breakfast, doing the paper route for  her son if he happens to be under the weather, she’s taking the children to school, she’s rushing back home to make beds, vacuum, plan meals, take up bulbs and get the garden ready for winter. She takes the time to read her Bible and devotional materials; to write her thoughts and prayers.

I am writing here from the vantage point of the stay-at-home mother.  They refer to her as the woman who “does not work.” That always reminds me of the old folk tale of the man who thought that and traded jobs with his wife.  Oh, fine!  She marched right out to the barn, harnessed the horse and went to the field, plowed all morning, and came back to the house for dinner.  My goodness!  The house was a shambles, all the ale had poured out on the cellar floor, and the pig had turned over the churn –the dog was lapping up the buttermilk and the man was out of his mind!  He was SO glad to get back to his simple job of plowing a straight furrow, and he never suggested trading jobs any more!  What’s more, from then on he treated her with respect.  After that he was careful to remove his dirty boots before tramping in on the newly mopped floor!

The American public has swallowed the satanic lie that the woman at home does not work!”  The Christian woman “works” but hers is a labor of love and therefore is not hay and stubble. It will not perish.  She is doing her work “as unto the Lord!”

One thing most wives would fail in though, and that’s the verse that says she serves breakfast to her maidens and assigns them their work. No, most wives will flunk that part of the test; they don’t serve any meat to maidens. They don’t have any maidens to fetch and carry for them. Far from having servants, they’re busy being servants. They paint their houses, paper the walls, sand and wax floors, clean windows, move furniture, cover furniture, and a great number of them do all these things in addition to going to work outside the home to work and make money to help feed and clothe the family, or to send them to college. Some of them might consider a piece of land and buy it as an investment for old age.   Some make curtains by hand out of sheets to pay off second mortgages that are necessary to buy a home in a good location for the children’s schools.  Some of them do all of this hard work and still home school their children since many of the public schools are the cold frames where the seeds of anarchy are sown, and then transplanted over to the colleges where the job is completed.  For proof of that look at what happened this past year to our public parks where the college young people “demonstrated.” Was that a decent, peaceful demonstration?  The answer is a matter of public record so I do not need to use space to tell of it.

The heart of the Christian woman is trustworthy. Her husband has no lack of gain, it says in verse eleven.  Well, he found her, didn’t he?  In that case he is special! He is the love of her life.  She is the love of his life!  He gets up in the morning early, showers, shaves, dresses, has his devotions, eats breakfast and goes to work. The Christian husband works hard all day and then he comes home ready to relax and get ready for another day   He has to be brave and fight the dragons.  He may put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, but let’s give him a snooze there on the sofa.  She goes about as quietly as possible seeing that goodnight stories read or told, conversations are over and prayers are said.

After all trips to the bathroom are taken and the drinks of water quaffed, she will join him.  Then that special kind of man who “found” her will make the  evening hours a time for recreation and renewal for both of them.   The Christian wife’s labors are over for the day and she is ready for fun! She wants some stimulating conversation!  She does not want to hear that dull, boring, How was your day for Pete’s sake! This is not a time to stay buried in the paper or TEEVEE!   This rare jewel will never let that happen!   And that special one who found her knows her worth and devotes this time to her happiness since he knows he lacks the thousand tongues it would take to tell of all her attributes.

As for girding up the loins, she does not lack for exercise, I guarantee that. And about making her arm strong, she doesn’t have any problem there, either,  because she lifts the baby a thousand times a day,  stretches up to change the light bulbs, and does a multitude of tasks that keep the arms strong and even after they are grown and there are grandchildren she is still exercising the arms.  I am quite certain I am not the only grandma who would rather play with grandchildren than eat. This is what grandparents do best.

Oh, I love verse 18.  It says in today’s vernacular she has been making needlepoint or cross stitch, or maybe she does dried arrangements. At any rate she sits up half the night doing these extra projects to bring in some Christmas money. Her lamp does not go out at night–that’s right! She’s burning the midnight oil I promise you if she’s a good wife. Every good wife makes straight A s on that part.

Now verse 20 says she opens her hands to the poor and stretches out her hands to the needy. The WMU brings in millions. It was the women of the church who started the Lottie Moon Christmas offering and brought it into millions before the “men” of the denomination  claimed it for themselves. Ha. The women still keep it going.

The women of the church are the ones who take the food and clothes and all kinds of school supplies to the mission centers regularly and fill up baskets for the needy. A certain dear friend, the mother of six daughters, and a ‘stay-at-home-mom’ was of necessity an expert seamstress.  After her children were all in school she began going to our Baptist Mission Centers in the blighted areas of Richmond.  There she taught sewing, and fancy needlework to the dear women who came to learn!  She continued that for more than twenty five years, long past her senior years.   Her children’s clothes and her own were “handmade” quality, for she knew all the ways to make a fine garment.

I know another one who went faithfully every week to one of the five centers and told stories to the children.  Some of the mothers or caregivers who brought the children could have gone to another activity but discovered the fantastic world of literature and stayed on with their children.  They begged for repeats just like the children so she did workshops for them and taught them the skills of telling.  She did workshops for Foster Grandparents for many years.

Another friend of mine was an expert in home economics and she spent many hours teaching the women how to have nutritious and delicious meals on a shoestring.

Now verses twenty-one, twenty-two and twenty-three have to do with the way a woman will go shopping and buy good winter or summer clothes when the clearance sales are on.  And then she’s not “afraid of snow or winter” because she has been going back to watch the price tag.  When she sees it still hanging there on the rack priced down to a fraction of the original she purchases it and clothes her family in the best.

Then we see in verse twenty-four that in spite of all her efforts, inflation is eating away at the dollar, and it is necessary for her to use the sewing skills she has acquired to make clothes for sale. Now she makes those handmade linen belts and jackets and sells them to dress shops.

That was the same friend that I spoke of above who was left a widow while she still had girls in school. She supported herself and her girls in that way and took in sewing.

Tell me about stretching forth the hand to the needy!  My dear friend is in heaven now, but  thank the good Lord she rests from her labors.  How wonderful for her when she stands before Jesus to receive her rewards and hears His “Well done, good and faithful one!” She taught Sunday School in the Church nursery all of those years and sang in the Chancel Choir for at least forty years.  She kept her home immaculate and had the prettiest yard in the neighborhood.

Her daughters were all accomplished in music, played the instruments, sang in the choir, married and gave her grandchildren for her old age.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh at things to come.”  Well, I know loads of women who fit that description.  Well, that business of laughing at things to come, now, I’m not sure about that because in spite of all the Christian women in America, we have not had the controlling voice in politics or in the pulpits of America and we allowed the wolf to get into our schools and eat up the lambs.

Who would dare say that they can laugh at things to come?  The only thing we Christian women can truly  rejoice in is that the Lord God Omnipotent reigns.  While the devil is roaring around over the globe seeking whom he may devour, while wars and rumors of wars are all around us, and even if the mountains fall into the sea, we have no cause for fear because He is sure to have the last word in the matter. While he tarries His coming, we can be glad and rejoice for the time he is allowing us to bring more people on to the Ark!  Instead of water—He promised it will not be that the next time but fire!  And St. Peter tells us in his words to us that the elements will melt with a fervent heat!  And seeing that is the case, he warns us to be ready for that DAY will come as a thief in the night—no one knows the day or the hour!

Verse twenty-six says that she “speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” I have written of my friend, but I know of no Christian woman who is not willing to teach a Sunday School class, or teach other women the fine points of being a Christian woman. She might throw in skills such as how to knit, sew or make quilts.  Her first priority is her home and children.  She takes the time to instruct her children. She worships the Lord in the beauty of holiness and does not take his name in vain—If you think that uttering profanity is the only way to do that, you need to rethink what it means to be a Christian woman.  Taking His Name in vain is to claim to be a Christian and not bear fruit for Him.  He tells us there that the Father is the husbandman and goes about with the pruning shears, snipping off those branches that are fruitless.  I don’t want to be snipped off!  I want to bear fruit!  I use the computer as a way of bearing fruit for Him!  I use my tongue at every open door the Lord provides.

I know one Christian woman who worked on the bookmobile for the public library, told stories on a volunteer basis for museums, nursing homes, and other functions at night, and other spare moments,  sang in the shaped-note singing group, went regularly to Virginia Home for the Infirm and won the Virginia annual award for hours spent in volunteerism. That was after her children were grown and married.  Her husband was retired and he went with her in many of her pursuits. She also went to college part of the time and received a degree, then headed up the bookmobile work!  She was a joy to everyone and her devotion to the Lord was an inspiration.

All Christian women go about giving themselves away as the Lord has gifted them.

The Christian woman who has made her life a living sacrifice for God and family, can expect such remarks from the people of the world as were recently made about Mrs. Romney who, by all accounts of those who know her, has been the epitome of a loving wife and mother.  The national news carried the poisoned insult that one feminist spewed, “She has never worked a day in her life.”  Proverbs 15:2 Amp.Bible says: “The tongue of the wise utters knowledge rightly, but the mouth of the [self confident] fool pours out folly.”

When I heard that woman saying that I thought immediately of that verse, and went right  then to the concordance and located it.  Now I have it safely hidden in my heart so that I might not sin against God in failing to utter knowledge rightly. I can do that through Christ who strengthens  me.

Well, thank God that He judges justly.  The greatest thing about the Lord is that He fills his children so full of love and joy that the only thing they wish for that speaker is that she would open the door and let the Lord come into her heart!  She would be able then to build others up instead of trying to tear them down. Character assassination is so hurtful!   Ann Romney as a stay-at-home Christian mother of five boys I promise you she has worked hard.  Look at her now!  It behooves us to offer her the praise she is due.

And I love being a storyteller for in the folklore of the ages it is always shown that goodness is rewarded, and evil gets its “come-uppance.”   We must be in prayer for our nation that the Christians will all register to vote and  be vigilant.  We must exercise our responsibility to vote and keep our nation strong by being sure that the ones who are representing us are ones who fear God and keep His commandments. Jesus said, “I have not come to destroy the law but that the law will be fulfilled.”

Verse thirty of this famous Proverbs, chapter thirty-one passage says “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  When the hair turns to silver and the wrinkles cover the face she is glad for inner beauty that the Lord has been working in her spirit.   Absolutely!   “Give her the praise she has earned and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

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