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Blog entry date – October 2 2020

We wanted to share the comment Frank made on Maxine’s July blog with all of Maxine’s followers so they are aware of what has happened this past month. Please see the next paragraph for his own words about Maxine.

” HALLELUJAH! Mom was 101, and 6 months, when she wrote this! I thought I had read it, but apparently was so busy with caring for her, that I either didn’t get to it, or finish reading it, before being pulled away. GOD Knows! I’m very Blessed to read this, now, however, and am glad that others can, too! May all of us who come to this site experience all that GOD intends; since HE never does anything by accident, huh?! ALLELUIA! AMEN! Today is October 2, 2020, and Mums went to HEAVEN on September 13 (her Mother’s BD), 2020; and now, her Great Grandson just arrived last night! Life down here goes on, as we “Occupy” until JESUS Comes; and Mom is up in GLORY, rejoicing, in the interim! The STORY continues! Praise the LORD! “Even so, Come, LORD JESUS”! AGAPE! Rev. Frank Leslie Bersch, Jr. (her 1st born) “

Although Maxine wasn’t the oldest blogger on the Internet, that belongs to a Ms. Dagny Carlsson who is 104 and still going strong, she definitely deservers kudos for being right up there with Ms. Carlsson.

And, I don’t know about you but I’m jealous that Max is getting to go home. Save us a seat Max, thanks.

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