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All family and friends come lend an ear,

I have a few words I want you to hear,

My one hundredth birthday has now come and gone

And I am already days into one hundred one!

The words that I need now have tucked tails and fled,

I feel that perhaps, when all has been said,

That words are never enough to express

The depth of joy and true happiness;

These gifts that are given by the Lord, we know,

All good and perfect gifts are His to bestow.

Oh! How precious each one who came,

And how I would love to name each name!

I do know you came from Atlantic to Pacific

And all in between!  It was simply terrific!

My own children and grands came from C-A and A-Z

While one of them is here in T-X with me.

Then Washington, D.C, and the one in Northwest,

These are all kinfolk who have stood the test!

They keep in close touch and the years roll by

But if I called, they would answer at the bat of an eye!

If I say Old Dominion, I must be sure you understand

That the state–the Mother of Presidents, has quite a stretch of land,

Which means that several came from the various places,

From Fredericksburg and Montross, I saw some precious faces!

From King George another niece and family and from Richmond nephews,

And also from Manassas, there is one and Manakin-Sabot two!

Maryland was represented well, and Florida north and south,

The one from Jacksonville, I call when I want to run my mouth!

Then there are the Oklahoma kin, I would not fail to mention

Because they are great and great-greats who have my doting attention!

I have friends who are family!  And Family who are friends!

These are the gems I treasure and such friendship never ends!

My Dallas friends I saw there too, whose faces are so dear!

Imagine my delight at seeing them sitting there so near!

I have not forgotten my Texas family! Texas goes for miles!

You traveled great distances to be here and reward me with your smiles!

Thanks to each!  I loved that you could come!

I prayed safe journeying for you all the way home!

If I could have, I know I would have never let you go!

I would have stayed there forever basking in that loving glow!

On the Wednesday birthdate came the beautiful time

When my friends at First Dallas added to my lengthy rhyme!

Here beneath the birthday banner where the greeting was impressed

Sat the splendid cake with candles and the punch on table dressed

In handmade lace! Then the wrist bouquet of yellow roses came

To add elegance to beauty!  You may be sure this ancient dame

Had her wishes all come true! It was the occasion for laughter

A time she will remember and treasure “forever after!”

Bringing the children for my stories! All the grown ups standing by!

For all the cards and words on them that made me want to cry,

I’ll carry them with me in my heart and cherish every smile,

I’ll mount the greetings in a book and after a little while

I’ll open it and look at it to bring the memories back.

That was the hundredth birthday of the one known as “Mac.”

This I will remember all that happened on that day!

What took place and where and all the beautiful way.

I will remember —I will not forget the hundred year banner

A portrait of the birthday girl, and lovely manner

In which I was greeted. A birthday cake with candles in array,

A wrist corsage of yellow roses bringing splendor to the Day!

Children came! I was delighted and I had a barrel of fun

As the evening wore on with the children.  Everyone

Was in high spirits and we kept it up until seven!

Then we finally wound it up!  It was a little taste of heaven!

And I was not the least bit tired! We heard the growling tummy

And we went to a delightful place where the food was simply yummy!

We had fun with the waitress.  We stayed till it was late

For we wanted to enjoy all the minutes of that important date!

Arriving home we saw the time had started a new day

So the year one hundred one was now on its way!

I had a happy birthday! The dear Lord in His love was there

And brought us all together in answer to our prayer!

Now we thank Him from our hearts and give Him praise,

As we continue on our journey with the Ancient of Days.


Maxine Johnson Bersch-Lovern.   January 30, 2019

2 Responses to “ONE HUNDRED YEARS”

  1. Bonnie Northen says:

    Dear Mackie,
    I will have to admit, I was as thrilled as you were at the wonderful time we had at your birthday party with ALL the relatives and friends. Of course, if all your relatives and friends had come we would have had to rent out the Dallas Cowboy stadium, but as it was, we had a fantastic time and it will absolutely never be forgotten. Yes we will speak of it and think of it often with a big smile on our face and much joy in our heart. Time with family and those we love so dear is so very special and sadly too rare.

    I do love your poem and description of the honor you received at the FBC reception on Wednesday, your actual BIG day!! That was a wonderful surprise to me and I wish I could have stuck around to attend that too.

    We love you to the moon and back and think of you every day. May you prosper in the Lord in this new year of 2019 and look forward to what treasures He has for you with each day. If you want to share them we will be the blessed recipients and we shall do the same with you.

    Love, Bonnie and Tom

  2. Patricia Miller says:

    Love the poem! I wish I could see you every day…

    Miss the heck out of you! Love you oceans!


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