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October-November Post

     This is a tardy post due to the book, of course. I am now at the formatting stage and almost completed. So the book will soon be ready to go. I have decided, the therefore, to enter here a few paragraphs from my introductory chapter to whet your appetite. I am expecting to have plenty of comments both on the site and by email, so be ready to let me know if this sounds like something you are going to want to read!


An introductory chapter

     I always begin my story of the Creation with these words: “I can’t begin this story with once upon a time.” Neither can I begin this book with those words, for although the subject is about time, it is actually about the way the Lord helped me through the study of time to grasp the reality of Eternal Life.

     It will attempt to show how the prayerful consideration of His gift of Time was used of the Lord to bring me to into total peace about the matter of life and death. It was the way He chose to bring about a disregard for the passage of time thereby giving me a focus on the calling that He has graciously given me. Of course, this is the way I see it in retrospect and since the title is about Time, naturally, it is going to show that while I ignored the years, it was a daily walk with Him in the minutes and hours that made the difference. I want this to bring the reader into a keener awareness of the truth of the saying, “Yesterday is history: Tomorrow is a mystery: Today is a gift of God, that’s why we call it “Present.”

(Note: This is an ancient saying. I first remember hearing it on a radio program before WWII. I always have loved quaint sayings and my language is filled with many of the favorites.)

     Learning to live in the here and now is the way the Lord instructed. Therefore, we live one day at a time.  I hope and pray that the book sheds light on the Lord’s wonderful love for each individual. How the Christian is guided into paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. How he anoints the head with the oil of gladness and keeps the cup of joy filled and refilled, as the Christian passes through all of the vicissitudes that line the pathway through life. We are thankful that He prunes and keeps us bearing fruit in old age.

     It is with a deep sense of worshipful thanksgiving that I write these lines that I believe the Lord has caused to germinate and grow as the days stretch into weeks and then years that He graciously keeps me strong to write for Him! It is always for His glory that I commit every word and pray the Lord’s blessing on all who read it.

The heart’s prayer is, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.’

(Note: reference to the Lord’s Prayer:Matt.6:10 NIV)

     This is the meaning of life for every Christian—the delightful acts of Kingdom service that He brings one to carry out in His Name. And as the task is done He shows the far reaches of His power to be that Christian’s sufficiency.

(Note: reference to Eph. 3:20 NIV.)

     This book could be filled with short stories of the many times that I was in a quandary and He entered into the situation and saved the day! Some of them I related in full story form in the book, Under the Gooseberry Bush. Sometimes I have the idea that I should keep all these things and ponder them as Mary did, then again, I remember that the Lord is the one who is glorified and Mary did reveal her heart to Luke for the Kingdom’s sake.

     The introductory chapter is much longer than these few paragraphs, but I felt that it should be enough to give you a sense of the purpose of the book. I tell stories of our many faceted faith that illustrate the truths that we all love to contemplate. Instead of beginning with the little prayers and meditations from thirty-eight years ago, I begin from the present vantage point to show how all of that three year period was the jumping-off place in bringing me through a joyful and fruitful time of aging! In fact, I was only fifty-eight years of age when I heard that sermon about time!


     We can only believe that was His reason for causing me to grab that sermon and pray about time and what the twenty-four hour day had to do with Maxine Johnson Bersch. He was launching me into a second career. He wanted to be sure I did not even consider any of the usual signs of aging to be of any consequence in the matter of being surrendered to the Lord for He had big plans for my life and this was His way of preparing me for the years ahead.

     I can truthfully say that I enjoy life as much as I possibly can every day! I take my motto to heart and “look up–laugh–love–and lift.” As I walk in the mornings I always find the strength to praise the Lord in my thoughts and even singing aloud as I go. I love to think the words of great hymns aloud to Him! And to myself! I might change the pronouns and say, “When I walk with You, Lord, in the light of Your Word, what a glory You shed on my way! When I do your good will, You abide with me still, and with all who will trust and obey.” I believe, therefore, that I bring emphasis to the ways He shows His loving kindness and as the flower does to sunshine and rain, the child of God grows up into the faith of our fathers. Since I am in the ninety-seventh year which will be completed January 23, 2016, I thank the Lord that He has extended my years and that He is allowing me to give these words of testimony to His good, pleasing and perfect will!

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  1. Joanna Duck says:

    Love you so much, Aunt Mackie! Thank you for having the perseverance to share your wisdom from God with the world through words.

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