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Retold by Maxine J. Bersch and written as nearly as possible with the words I use to tell

it to boys and girls who always love to hear it.  Now I am placing it here for storytellers     everywhere to pick it off these pages and lend it the voice that it needs to be a great story!  Please!  If you choose to read it aloud, please make your voice into the voice of a teller!  Use your whole personality and make it sound as if you are telling it!  I am 98 and if I can do it, even now, you know very well that you can also!  Read this aloud a few times and practice telling it as I have boldened the words to allow you to express it boldly!  This is the way I always start this story with a BIG sigh of relief and this expression of gladness that what I am going to tell happened a long time ago!  That lets the audience in on the fact that it happened way, way back and that NOW thank goodness!  We don’t have to worry about giants!

I am so glad to say that it was a long time ago that this story took place!  A really long time means before I was born and before my MOTHER was born!  But one time there were three little girls who were all out walking in the woods and they suddenly realized that they had walked off the path and they were LOST in the woods.  They kept on walking, and hoping that they would find the way, but the more they walked, the more lost they were.  At last it was getting dark and they saw a light glowing in a window not far away!  “Goody!” they all went running and  knocked on the door of that house!

The woman came to the door and the oldest asked, “Could we come in?  We are all lost in the woods and can’t find our way home.”  The woman said, “I can’t do that!  I am married to an OGRE and he will kill you and eat you when he comes home.”  They begged and said “We are starving!  Could you please give us a bite to eat? We would eat it and run.”  So she took them in and gave them some bread and milk.   Just as they were taking the first bite the house began to shake all over and they heard  THUMP!  THUMP!  and a horrible voice growling, “fee fie foe fum, I smell the blood of some earthly one!” What do we have here?”

“It’s three little girls that were lost in the woods, and they were hungry.  You are not to touch them. Go on in there and eat your supper.  I have it fixed for you.” You see that ogre’s wife knew how to get his mind off the girls and on to his supper!  He did not answer but he said, “You will spend the night!”  and  he put them in the room with his own three daughters. Molly Whuppie was the youngest and she was smart as a whip; she watched him.  He put gold chains around the necks of his daughters and put straw ropes around her neck and her sister’s necks.  “Aha!” She thought.  “I wonder what that nasty ole ogre is up to?”  And she did not go to sleep– She stayed awake and when she heard the ogre girls snoozing she took the gold chains off their necks and exchanged them with the straw ropes that were around her own and her sister’s necks. Just as she crawled back in the bed that old ogre sneaked in with a club and felt for the ones with the ropes and dragged them out of the bed and beat them unmercifully!  He left them lying there unconscious, thinking what a good breakfast he would have!

Molly shook her sisters awake and whispered, “Be quiet and let’s get out of here!”  As soon as they were outside they began running and they ran for MILES!  As the morning sun was coming up they saw a huge castle and it turned out to be the King’s castle!  They rang the bell hanging there and soon they were telling the King all about escaping the giant ogre.

“I know all about that giant ogre” Yes! The King had heard about that rascal! He went on—“He has a magic sword that hangs over his bed.  If you will go back and bring me his sword, I’ll give your oldest sister my oldest son to marry.”  “I will try,” Molly promised.  She went running away to the ogre’s house, sneaked into his bedroom and hid under his bed.  He came in, ate a big supper and went to bed.  As soon as he was snoring, Molly crawled out and reached for the sword. But just as she had it in her hands it rattled and woke the giant!  Molly ran out the door carrying that sword and the giant was right behind her!  She ran and he ran and she came to the Bridge of One Hair and she got over but he could not so he yelled,” Woe to you Molly Whuppie, if you ever come over here again!”   “Twice  more I’ll come !” Molly called, “I’ll come again!

“You managed well!” that’s what the king said and we are glad to say that the King was true to his word  and gave his oldest son to marry Molly’s oldest sister.  They had a big wedding and after that was over the king called Molly aside an said, “Molly, the giant ogre has stolen my purse of gold.  He keeps it under his pillow.  You get it back for me and I will marry my second son to your second sister.”  And Molly went trotting off again  to the ogre’s house and slipped in while he was gobbling up his supper and hid under his bed again.  Pretty soon the whole house was shaking  with his snoring, and Molly gradually let her hand slide under his pillow, grab the purse and pull it out, and then run like a streak of lightning but that ole ogre had waked and was on her trail.  Hc chased her to the Bridge of One Hair and she got over but he could not so he yelled “Woe to you, Molly Whuppie if you ever come here again!” She called back, “Once more I’ll come !  I’ll come again!”  and sure enough her second sister was married to the King’s second son and they had a big to do that lasted a week or two!

Then that King was a wily ole king and a wily ole king was HE! He called for his pipe and he called for his bowl and he called for his fiddlers three!  He knew Molly had her eye on his youngest son—The Prince Charming! “You are a very clever girl Molly!  How would you like to have my youngest son to marry you? “  Oh, “I would love it!”  Molly was pleased as punch!. YOU KNOW IT! “Well then,”  (the King was smiling a broad smile)“You  will need to bring me the ring off the giant-ogre’s finger.”  So Molly—that very smart one—that Molly, away she skipped  to the giant’s house and hid under the bed! The giant was not long in eating a big supper and off to bed.  It was not long again until he was snoring  and the house was shaking  Molly crept out, then she put a couple of drops of olive oil on his finger, and that ring just slipped off his finger and away she ran without waiting a second, but just as she jumped to the ground from  the window, the giant grabbed her by the arm and yelled, “NOW I’VE GOT YOU MOLLY WHUPPIE!  If I had done as much to you as you have done to me, what would you do to me?”  Molly thought a bit and if a good fairy didn’t give her this thought, then who did? ‘I would put you in a sack with the dog and the cat and with scissors, needle and thread.  I would hang you up on the wall and then I would go out in the woods and find the biggest stick ever and I would come back in and beat you until you were dead!” “That is just what I am going to do,” the ogre growled

He tied her up as she had said and went out to find his stick.  Molly’s brain was whirling! And the fairies whispered!  She began saying in a tone of greatest awe and wonder, “Oh!  Oh!  If only you could see what I am seeing!”  The giant’s wife began begging, “What are you seeing, Molly?” Molly kept on repeating, “Oh! If only you could see what I am seeing.”  The giant’s wife said, “Oh, Molly, let me get in the bag so that I can see what you are seeing.”

Molly took the scissors, cut a hole in the sack, came down, pushed the giant’s wife up in it and quick as a wink she used the needle and thread to sew her into the bag. Then she heard the giant coming and hid behind the door.  He came in and grabbed the sack and began beating it while the dog was barking furiously and the cat was into it with the dog and scratching the woman so she was screaming “It’s me, man!”  But he could not hear her over the noise of the dog and cat so he beat away and Molly ran like the wind. He saw her and ran after her until they came to the Bridge with one Hair” and she got across but he could not so he yelled, “Woe to you Molly Whuppie, if you ever come here again.”  “Never more will I come.  Never again!”

So Molly Whuppie took the ring to the King and what do you think? Well, I can tell you what happened! Molly married  the Prince—  the King’s youngest son, and she never saw the giant ogre again! and  they lived happily ever after!

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