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I have finally finished the book and the editing. As soon as I have the preface I will be ready to publish! I look forward to Christmas now with renewed joy! Thank the Lord for Christmas! How good it is to be able to call on the Almighty and to know that He hears—I feel ten times more devoted to Him now that this book will soon be out, for it is the work that He set me to do and He helped me all the way! So I can say Merry Christmas, for I assure you that I am merry!

The title of the book is Eternity in an Hour, with the sub-title; The Storyteller’s Little Book about GOD’S BIG GIFT OF TIME.

The book has been on the back burner waiting to be pulled forward since 1980! The main reason for the procrastination was my inability to think of the way to write it! Here I will go into the history of why this book had to be written.

I used to have a problem with my mind wandering when I prayed. My pastor at that time was Dr. Wade Hampton Bryant. I asked him how to prevent this from happening and he advised me to write my prayers. He said, “That way you will use your mind and your spirit also.” I began doing that. He was right. It helped me to focus on the Lord and what I wanted to pray about. I wrote the prayers on the way to work, on breaks, on lunch hours, and my regular prayer time. I wrote on the little memo pads, steno-pads, and composition books, etc. and when they were full, I trashed them at the library where I worked. I had three years of concentrated prayer about the subject of time and those were the ones that were saved. At home, I had quite a few that had accumulated, so I cleaned out the desk one day and threw all those note books in the trash. I sent them out by my husband, Frank, and he stopped by his woodworking shop on the way He set the bag down on one of his benches and it tipped over. In picking up the little note pads he read some of them and did not trash them. He came to the house and said, “I don’t think you should trash the little prayer books.” I objected strenuously for I felt that prayers were private. Nevertheless, I respected Frank’s superior wisdom and when he said they might be an encouragement to others who were seeking, I agreed not to trash them. He said, “Please me by writing a devotional type of book and use these in the book. Will you?” I agreed to do that! And never could think of any way to use them in such a way.

Now that the time is getting short for me I knew I needed to get this done, so I turned it completely over to the Lord and I confessed that I had promised Frank to do this, and the reason I have not done it –I do not know how! Then it seemed that I should write it by following His leading. That is what I have done, and concluded by using the saved prayers. The pages of the book show how the three years of concentrated prayer about time affected my spiritual life and caused me to ignore the passage of years and live my life as Jesus taught—one day at a time! This is the most beautiful way to live for Him and in Him. The book tells the stories of how He became my strength, my life, my all. Then the prayers about time are a proper conclusion for we see how He answered them.

I had Christmas on Thanksgiving with my sons and granddaughter in Dallas, for I planned the visit for Christmas to my daughter’s home and my grandchildren in Phoenix while here. I am having a lovely time here with all her church Christmas programs which will be going on right on up until the Big Day! My daughter will be doing a trio in the choir program, and she also will play the bells! This Christmas is my 96th one—in January I will be 97 years young!


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