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Here we are again!  I have been away for a while—since February!  And the reason is a story that I will tell here to get us back on track and we can then hope for brighter days ahead.  Beginning at the January mark, I stayed at the daughter, Pat’s home through the ninety-seventh birthday and came back to Dallas the first of Feb.  I had submitted the manuscript along about the BD date and was thinking that a book would soon be forthcoming.  I was wrong.

From that day to this, the work has been fraught with technical problems that have required all my physical, mental and spiritual reserves to be drawn on.  I have no doubt whatsoever that trying to work through the solutions to these great problems put my health at risk.  The heart had more to do than it was able and the result was hospitalization and now the resulting battle for regaining strength that is now taking place.

While I was ill in the hospital, the Lord was quick to respond through His Ambassadors at large!  Let me just enlarge a bit on that statement to the praise and glory of our wonderful Savior and show you how He comes to the assistance when the enemy rushes in like a flood.  I will list these servants of the Most High as I recall them, and I assure you that I was conscious.  I was visiting in the home of a very dear family member who is a well known Christian leader in her church and in the community where she lives.  My niece with whom I traveled is a committed Christian.  It was at the morning hour that the heart attack began and we called 911.  There were two ambulance drivers.  I discovered as they hooked me up to their equipment that they were both devout believers.  They took me to the Farmville hospital which was the closest one and it was there that I was met by a team of doctors and nurses who did not wait around.  The doctor, it turned out, was knowledgeable in all phases of heart treatment and I was spared nothing.  The nurses were also way beyond competence, for added to their timely and felicitous care the patient was offered all the benefit of appropriate conversation.  Naturally, this could only lead into personal findings such as the fact of where I was from, how I happened to be stricken at this particular time.

These findings revealed that I was a storyteller and writer and had traveled to Lynchburg to teach storytelling and to promote my books, especially the one that should have been ready for this conference—my latest one.  As usual, the Lord opened the door for my testimony and total agreement from them was allowed with great joy and as the Dr. entered while this conversation was going on, he chimed in with his agreement also!

This is just the first leg of my journey. Everyone who had attended me in those crucial minutes was devoted to Jesus Christ!   I was transferred to the Richmond Henrico Doctor’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia which is a hospital with a coveted reputation for being one of the very best and they all strive to uphold this rating. I could never have asked for better treatment throughout my stay in both hospital and rehabilitation.  Throughout the stay, as the days went by, and the visits, the phone calls, the kin who drew near, the flowers that poured in, the cards received, were

the Lord’s own hands and feet as through His Holy Spirit He send His love and spiritual encouragement through those who willingly open their hearts to Him and allow Him to direct their paths.  There can be no doubt whatsoever that He lingered there in the hospital room and watched through the night hours for I had nurse, after nurse, after nurse who spent time with me as they helped, and shared their faith with me, showing love and attention beyond the call of duty.

On the morning that I was scheduled to have the pacemaker replaced, early in the morning the door opened and a beautiful nurse entered with a cheery “Good Morning!”  Then she said that she was the nurse who had been reassigned from Intensive Care Unit to come up and help with me.  She and I then had a beautiful morning devotion as we gave our mutual testimonies and then she took my hand and prayed the Lord to be with me in the surgery with the doctor, the nurses and everything pertaining to my spiritual welfare.  She waved to me as they came and took me rolling away.  When I came back she was not there    I asked the nurse who came in, “Where is the ICU nurse who was with me early this morning?”  “I haven’t heard anything about an ICU nurse being here. I am the nurse of the day.”  So, since angels are God’s ministering spirits who are sent to each of His own when He sends them, I am bound to believe she was sent by Him for my special attention on that important morning for a 97 year old to be having her heart pacemaker replaced.  That is something He does not take for granted, and I was down there and the entire procedure went like clockwork and was over in about thirty minutes.  I began to improve within twenty-four hours of time.  MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED.

Now the book, Eternity in an Hour—Gods LITTLE book about God’s BIG gift of Time, will soon be available.  I am expecting in the mail my first copy and when I say the big “OK” we can all shout with joy!  I am hoping that the Lord will use it to bring many people into a closer walk with Him.  All who love Him and enjoy close fellowship with Him will find confirmation and encouragement!

I do know that this obstacle course is one that I am mighty glad to be here to tell about! It’s a story to which it gives me great pleasure to write the words “The End.”

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