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A second go-round in writing the July post to all who visit my website.  There are always more thoughts when it comes to such a marvelous holiday as July 4 happens to be! Every citizen of our great country has a big bundle of reasons to celebrate the Fourth!   The greatest thing to celebrate is liberty and no matter what ethnic background you may claim, it all goes with being a United States of America citizen!  Everyone here has the option of having a bright future and when I say, “Everyone” I am including such as might have lost all close family members and has been abandoned by the next closest, therefore is what we know as “homeless”

I just read a story on Facebook of such a person who was now graduating at the top of his high school class and has a scholarship offered by a good college.  He told his story, and it was confirmed by his school principal and the counselor who told of discovering that he was sleeping on a park bench and she found a place for him to call home.  Nevertheless, when the boy was interviewed he said, “Well, what else could I do?  It was either to go ahead or to choose the low life I could have thrown it all away!”  Now you see by how bright his future looks and he is very optimistic.  He said “You already have a million dollars; you just have to find your way to your bank account.”  I might not be quoting it exactly but this is the meaning of what he was saying!  And I commented that he definitely has a bright future and one big reason would be all the well-wishers he has due to that story being told on FB.  Now, I am saying that the beautiful feature of freedom is that we can choose, just as this young homeless man has done. He chose which road he would take—you always have a choice.

The price of this freedom that we have here in our United States is eternal vigilance.  There are always those who are greedy for power and stand ready to rob us of our freedoms.  The bad thing is that they learn the art of demagoguery to get into political office and to stay there. These are the professional politicians who have a life of ease that they have created for themselves and maintained by staying in office and instead of being a true representative of the people, has become more and more one who spends all of his time in doing what is necessary to stay elected and in that way take advantage of all the perks that being a member of congress holds for a politician these days!  In the meantime, the system is run by all the bureaus that make rules and regulations to control the people of the various fifty states, and to stay comfortably ensconsced in the nest they have feathered.

This is the situation that has grown into such proportions that one of these may find himself of sufficient political backing and enough money to get into the chief executive spot which is the Presidency!  Then he may decide that the thing that hinders him from total power is that thing called the Constitution!  Away with it! As long as a rubber stamp congress will allow him to work his schemes without showing any budget and pass all of his legislation before studying it, well and good!  But when they do not do that he decides he does not need them and proceeds on his own!  Now things are getting sticky!  The American people begin to shout, “I am mad as H….!”  And there are some who form a “Tea Party” to try to dump that tea into the ocean again!  They are ready to be like the people were in the town of Hamlin in the famous poem, “The Pied Piper of Hamlin” They were over-run by rats!  The council did nothing to help so the people marched on city hall! “Rise up, sirs! Give your brains a racking, find the remedy we are lacking or sure as fate we’ll send you packing!”

That’s where we stand this July 5, as millions have just celebrated our glorious Fourth and there is a new wave of patriotism blowing!  People have been reminded of that fabulous day when our statesmen of that era signed the Declaration of Independence and we took things into our own hands and decided this freedom was worth fighting for, and it was duly fought for and consequently has been fought for again and again!  Therefore everyone is aware that the freedoms are threatened by tyrants and so down with the tyrants and up with the red, white and blue!  Forget about party loyalty!  In the white crosses that mark our dead there is nothing to indicate what party they voted.  John McCrae’s poem, In Flanders Field, says it so beautifully!

In Flanders Field the poppies blow // Between the crosses , row on row, //That mark our place; And in the sky //The larks still bravely singing, fly//Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.  Short days ago //We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, // Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders Field.

Take up our quarrel with the foe: //To you from failing hands we throw // The torch; Be yours to hold it high.  If ye break faith with us who die//We shall not sleep , though poppies blow In Flanders Field,

Now is time to think primarily of our country and what it was that made us strong and gave us the reputation of being the land of the free and the home of the brave.  What made us able to fight and win war fought worldwide?  Why is our military now in weakened condition?  Why are we divided into various contending camps and why is rioting allowed to be the order of the day when there is civil discontent?  Why are our colleges producing people of no faith who are immoral and willing to disgrace themselves in public display?  What’s going on behind the scenes in the political arena?  Why should our Native Americans be forced to go to the Supreme Court to prove their right to maintain their monument which is erected in a state park? Why should they have to go to the expense of a court case to prove their right and even though they won the case, it should never have been necessary for them to be challenged in that matter!

The monument to their soldiers who died in fighting for our American way of life, and this is their reward? We need to go to the polls and vote to remove those legislators who are foisting on us such organizations that are trying to tear down our traditions and destroy our democracy in a republic form of government which is made possible by having a sovereign nation made up of many sovereign states.

There are some things that take precedence over the party loyalty, and this is a time when we need to adopt an attitude that the founding fathers had when they were forced by circumstance to take drastic measures to insure our freedom to govern ourselves!  The system of checks and balances they put in place has served us well until now when it seems the Americans went to sleep and allowed the forces of tyranny to take over and while we were sleeping, nearly every freedom is threatened and some are already gone!  Thomas Jefferson was a great one for democracy in a republic but he knew that it could not be sustained without an educated populace, so he was all for getting the public schools going and keeping people educated so they could go to the poles and vote intelligently.  Now the ones who know very well that this is true, have gone to work to destroy the great institution that worked so well along with home and church to produce the “great generation” that brought about victory in WWII.  No longer are our schools the local community schools!  They are dictated to by the state which is dictated to by the federal bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.   It is on the threat of losing the “Big Bucks” of tax-payer money that the state complies with everything that is dictated from D.C,  and thus the local is no longer under the control of the local P.T.A. and our children are the victims of this political scheme.  Now it will be that the restrooms are shared by boys and girls!  Innocence is robbed of these children at this early age!

The people have a choice!  They can go  and vote for the leadership that will restore our culture.  We are still free to make this choice, but if we do not choose freedom  this year, but choose an even stronger centralized government, we will all pay the price of allowing a socialistic government to take over even more of our private lives. This is all a matter of choice!  It amounts to that!  Choose if you want to have supervision of all your personal life!  Are there still enough people left who have not been brain-washed? VOTING IS STILL ALLOWED, BUT WHAT WILL BE IN EFFECT IN FOUR YEARS TIME?  THIS IS A CRUCIAL YEAR FOR THE CITIZENS.  I READ YESTERDAY A QUOTE FROM A JUDGE WHO SAID THAT THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD NOT BE REFERRED TO BY ANY JUDGE.  THAT THE CONSTITUTION HAS NOTHING IN IT THAT IS RELATIVE IN THE WORLD OF TODAY, AND IT SHOULD BE IGNORED.

This is the philosophy held by many of the elite who will place their hands on the Bible and swear allegiance to the constitution and as soon as they are in office they take steps to make it totally ineffective.

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