A Well-known Storyteller, Author and Inspirational Speaker

A little about Mackie…

We would like everyone to know that Mackie celebrated her 99TH Birthday, January 23RD this year. Whew, that’s almost a century young, you go girl!

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If you are viewing the site for the first time, I will introduce you to the storyteller and author who is known by her family and friends as “Mackie” and this is a nickname for her full name, which is Maxine Johnson Bersch-Lovern.

She was born in West Virginia, January 23, 1919, and migrated to Old Virginia early in life.  She was married first to Frank Leslie Bersch of Buckingham County, Virginia and their marriage of 52 years is told about in her memoirs, Under the Gooseberry Bush. which was published when she was 95 years of age!  She became a widow and was also married to William Henry Lovern for a brief six months, for he had the surgical placement of a stint in the carotid artery which caused a major stroke and claimed his life.  She has two sons and one daughter and the four grandchildren are two boys and two girls.  As of this writing there are no great grands.

Mackie’s book, Under the Gooseberry Bush, contains 104 stories of the events of her life and more than 500 pages.  Even so she has this to say, ‘That book only scratched the surface of all the stories that actually made up my life, but I felt that I told all of the most vital ones that shaped my life and brought me to the senior years a person who still loves to tell the story, still loves to play the autoharp and sing.”  Even though since the four-way bypass to the heart her voice has never recovered its former vibrancy, she sings in a lower key and keeps the joy of the Lord as her strength!

She has this past year published the book, Eternity in an Hour, which is a devotional book with the subtitle, The Storytellers Little book About God’s Big Gift of Time.  The nucleus of this book stayed in her desk for many years but finally found its way to book form and the full story of its creation is told in the book.  It shows how a sermon preached by her pastor in 1977 caused her to meditate on the matter of “time” for three years!  The pastor brought out in his message the fact that God created Time for the benefit of people who must live their lives in a measureless eternity. He fixed the sun, the moon, and all the heavenly bodies in a certain pattern which causes us to have 24 hours for each person on earth to have a way to see  clearly.  Because of this, we have minutes, seconds, days, hours, weeks, months and years so that we can plan and be aware of the passing of Time and to remember that our days are limited.

At the present moment her book Storytelling in a Nutshell, published by LifeWay in 1998 after 16 years and four printings, is out of print.  All rights reverted to the author.  She is now occupied with the revision and hopes to have it back in print before September, 2017.  This goal is almost in sight as she informs that she is now at the Resource List and this will take a good bit of her remaining time, but she is hopeful that even as early as June she may have it done!  This will mean that this reprint will be in the digital form and thus will be “printed on demand” and not subject to the “out-of-print” condition!  It will be available then as are all of her books in the Amazon Create Space (published by Maxine J. Bersch) book form!  How thankful we should be and pray along with her for the extra time to be allowed for completion of all her works in published form.