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February Thoughts

Here we are at the February mark again!  A wonderful month because we have Valentine Day and Lincoln’s birthday!  My first born child was born on that famous man’s birthday and we’ll be celebrating in a few days!  The long awaited book is now in the publisher’s hands!  So we have much to be thankful for.  I’ll be returning to TX on Monday the first where I have dental appointment awaiting as well as the regular doctor and the cardiologist!  At age 97 you can be sure I am glad for such care!

Now I want to use this space to reminisce about a February day that I like to remember from my childhood.  In those days we had something special for the parents on the President’s birthdays, for we also have Geo. Washington’s birthday on February 22, so we had a patriotic program for the parents and my mother taught me the words and tune to Revolutionary Tea and for my part on the program I sang it and she came to the school program that day and then Mr. Boggs dismissed us at 3:30 instead of 4:p.m.  I have placed the words to that song in a previous post so I will not repeat it, but I would like to say that it can be found on Google also. The melody on the U tube is very close to the one my mother taught me!  The words are identical!  This is an 18th century song and my mother was born in the late 19th century which will show how fervently the descendants of the Founding Fathers were and how they passed the love of country down to their children!  When my brother, John, was learning a paragraph from Patrick Henry’s famous speech, my father was helping him and how thrilled we were to hear him stand and recite the entire speech for John and that was all the incentive needed to cause John to commit his paragraph to memory.  As a man he included that story in his autobiographical book of memories. I wonder how many children in today’s schools are caused to study that speech and memorize the words, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

In the meantime, that is one BIG reason that I am passionate about storytelling!  At least, when I die, I can go with an easy conscience, for I have spent years in the very best of children’s literature, and have visited many schools.  I have had the joy of knowing that hundreds of children will have the memory of characters from the fabulous stories.  As the famous patriot, Nathan Hale, stated, “My only regret is that I have but one life to lose for my country.” He spied on the British and was hanged as an American spy!  I often think of his sacrifice, for he was young!  I love to adopt his spirit and say, “I am glad the Lord has gifted me with storytelling and has kept me alive to use this gift to enrich the minds and spirits of boys and girls far and wide!”  I only regret that I have but one earthly life to give to the Lord for His glory.

Now we come to Valentine’s Day and there again, by perusing the previously written entries, you can find the story of St. Valentine, who gave up his life for a noble cause and we honor his day with sending our tokens of love.  February 14 is another great day for the postal service!  Cards are flying east and west and what pleasure they give!  I remember one special valentine that I received from a little boy when I was about ten and wow!  I kept that up on the wall of my room for years!  It was still there when I was 14 and we moved from that house, so I left it on the wall as a beautiful decoration!  It was the picture of a daisy on the front and the verse said, “Be my valentine or I’ll go crazy!  You are all I want, for you’re a daisy!”  My mother always smiled and clicked her tongue on the roof of her mouth when she would see that it was still there even after I was older!  Yet you see, at 97, I still treasure that card!  It was from a little boy who was “struck” on me!  I thought that was too utterly utt!

I celebrated the 97th birthday on January 23 and I sent the book to the publisher on the 21st I believe!

We’ll soon have a book to offer!  Eternity in an Hour is the title!  Be watching now for your email notice when it is available!

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