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Eternity in an Hour
The Storyteller’s Little Book About GOD’S BIG GIFT OF TIME

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This book covers a period of time when the author, Maxine J. Bersch, was so engrossed in study and prayer about the subject of “time” that she was unaware the major events taking place were God’s way of bringing about a second career for her!  While she was asking Him about “time,” He was causing her storytelling to go from the local church and association to the state and national through the church library association.  She thus discovered that God was answering her prayer and bringing her into the redemption of time in service to Him through her telling skills!

While Maxine was ignoring the passage of years, her hours and days were given over to telling stories and teaching the skills to the leaders at regional conference centers, and subsequently to nearly every state where Southern Baptists have work. Maxine celebrates her ninety-seventh birthday on January 23, 2016, and the years have flown as she expresses in this little book, while she has ignored them and lives one day at a time abiding in Christ and serving Him.

The stories are from her own experience and, while entertaining, they are the truth and show that God’s perfect will for her is pleasing and perfect!  The aim of the book is to show the way to live life in contentment and happiness is to turn it all over to the Lord and allow Him to transform your life by renewing your mind, as Romans 12:1-3 spells it out.  Only then will you be able to prove to the world that God’s will is good, pleasing and perfect!

This book will help the Christian to draw near to the Lord and the one who does not know Him to hear and respond to His knocking! The latch is on the inside but if the door is opened He will come in and eat with you and you with Him!  The invitation is to all!

Dr. Robert Jeffress
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

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High Resolution Front Cover_6024878About Maxine’s Book

The book, Eternity in an Hour, with subtitle, The Storyteller’s Little Book About God’s Big Gift of Time, is a testimony to the author’s years of service as a Christian storyteller. She probes such questions as how we “hear” from God; how to “love” the Lord with all the mind; maintaining the positive attitude; living one day at a time; nature’s built-in health remedy–laughter; the eleventh commandment–Love! The three year stint of prayer and meditation on the subject of Time and a lengthy poem addressing the ephemeral qualities as well as the eternal nature of TIME form the concluding pages.



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About Maxine the Author

High Resolution Back Cover_6024878Maxine J. Bersch was born in WV Jan.23, 1919 into a family of storytellers, writers, musicians and poets. Her gift of storytelling was evidenced even in childhood and the writing as well. She is well known in Southern Baptist circles through the work with LifeWay Christian Resources in teaching the skills of the storyteller, and the publishing of her book “Storytelling in a Nutshell.” In retirement years she continues to tell and to teach as opportunity arises, but more time is now devoted to writing. She has three children and four grandchildren, with multiple nieces and nephews who keep her busy with Facebook and email correspondence. Her motto is “Look up! Laugh! Love! and Lift!”and she adds–“I will do the best I can, with what I have, where I am, for Jesus’ sake today!” One of her favorite scriptures is” Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof,” which she translates to mean, “Live one day at a time.”


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