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Christmas letter 2011-2013

Dreamy Christmas


‘Tis the season to be jolly

And we say the words to mean

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Berries red, and wreaths of green.”

We remember with affection

Family treasures kept in store,,

Arrange them now in mute perfection,

Some on mantel; some on floor..

Place the tree in stand and view it!

Turn it, check it, every twig

Must we snip that one or leave it?,

Is the tree too small? Too big?

Now the vow in words emphatic,

There’s no time to waste or stay,

On the steps now to the attic,

Hurry now without delay!

There awaits the joyful pleasure–

Of arranging loads of trim!

Lights are strung in endless measure!

Yielding to tradition’s whim

Every ornament is now hung.

Children stand with misty eyes,

Carols hummed and carols sung

Christmas dreams in spirits rise.

Gifts each hold its own addition

To the memory’s book of gold.

Now the children all petition

For the Christmas story old—

“Shepherds on that night abiding

In the field to watch their sheep,

Angels came to bring them tidings

Of great joy!  It would not keep!

Tell it on the mountains yonder,

Echos sound–A Son is born!

‘Tis received in awe and wonder!

Now it is glad Christmas morn!

Make it jolly!  Merrily sing!

Fry the oysters, make the stew!

Fix ham biscuits, they’re the thing!

Coffee cake is yummy, too!

Pour the coffee, pass the cream

Smiles light up each happy face!

Christmas morning! Christmas dream!

Bow the head now! Say the grace!

Maxine J. Bersch-Lovern

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