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By: Maxine Bersch-Lovern

My first Christmas that I can remember is at age three.  I was awakened by sister Irene who was sent to bring me downstairs for the baby sister would not play with her doll until I was down and playing with her!  I was dressed in a jiffy and when we came to the stairs , I felt that I lifted up and flew all the way down and landed beside the tree.

I told the story that way until I was nine!  Then Mother, in response to my older sister’s complaints that I was being encouraged to “lie” by allowing me to tell it that way, then gave me the straight of it and said, “You must always tell it this way if you wish to be believed.”  The story in full is given in the book, Under the Gooseberry Bush. I am the only one who knows how it felt that morning to soar through the air and land beside the tree!

What a marvelous feeling!  Flying!  And I look forward to being able to fly around at will! It will not be a strange feeling!  I remember it! This morning, I want to say that Christmas mornings are always a reliving in my mind of that first morning! The dear Lord wants me to remember how that feeling stayed with me all during my childhood.  He wants me to keep it in mind!  Therefore. I wish you a very light-hearted Christmas this 2016, and I will here compose a dreamy poem just for those who visit this site  I want to make your Christmas a morning to remember!

Christmas Morning
Oh!  Happy birthday to my friend, and Lord!
The dream I had of flying
Was one that I remembered well
And was accused of lying
When I told of this great feat of mine
That happy Christmas morn,
It was the sight of the Christmas tree,
Which tinsel did adorn!
It was that you were drowsy
Your sister carried you!
You never flew from the upper stair
It simply is not true!
I’ve had to accept that version
Of the story that you brought
And tell it as the “truthful way”
But you gave me the thought!
You alone did understand
The sorrow of that day
When I had to face the “reality”
Of the world and its way.
I had to tell the visible world
The actual thing they saw,
Of Irene carrying me downstairs
While God’s invisible law
Was permanently written on my mind
And safely in my heart,
To always be my big North Star
And from me never part!
I never find it hard to see the Lord
And keep Him near!
I invite Him in when I hear Him knock
To give to Him my ear!
And He listens to my prayerful voice
He gives me His attention,
He stays as long as the time allows
Such sacred Condescension!
I am now nearly ninety-eight
And stand at Jordan’s brink
What will they do with the little child
Who was taught she must not think
That she flew from the top stair down
And landed beside the tree?
If they think that was a lie
Then what became of ME?
When Jesus the Christ came down
And carried me down to see
The beautiful sign of his life,
The lovely evergreen tree!
And planted the invisible world
In the mind where it lives today
And showed her a sign of eternal life
Which will never pass away!
When I take the wings of the morning
And fly to worlds up there,
I’ll experience again the Christmas
When I flew from the very top stair!
And they will have no trouble believing
The story that Jesus tells
And they will know it is true as they listen
To the ringing of Christmas Bells!

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