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I wrote only the year and not the day, nor month.

I found this rough draft of something I wrote for the editor of the daily paper when I lived in Richmond, Virginia. That was the Richmond Times Dispatch, I believe.

At the same time, I found a promise that I wrote January 2, 1984.  I found it in an old notebook. It was a promise to use my gift of writing for the Lord’s glory and honor.  I believe I have always done that

The following document is a letter that I wrote to an editor in 1978.  I see by the content, this was a rough draft and did not include the heading. Maybe now it can still say a word for Him.  I was thinking hard about what I would write about.  I had decided this was going to be a time for serious discussion.  This old letter that I wrote at age 51 seems to me as relevant now as it will ever be!  So here goes.

I am glad that you are publishing the series of articles by ministers and that you are placing them in a prominent place so they can easily be seen and read by all who are interested. I am more than interested.  I am concerned and feel strongly about the real meaning of our faith, and what it is actually doing in the world.

I am sure that you are hoping to receive a great deal of reader response.  I decided to enter the discussion regarding the divinity of Jesus.
By now your mail should be fairly heavy. This letter may be laid aside, as you decide to show thinking of others who are coming from a different point of view. If that happens, then I am still glad to have this opportunity to write to you about how things seem to an ordinary lay person.

I have been following the series with interest.  Various points of view have been shown, all by ministers of the Gospel.  My view will represent a large segment of the Christian Church; namely, the pew.  It is for them, presumably, that you are running the series, and all of the articles, thus far, have been from ministers.  They are seminary trained and competent to answer questions that are completely beyond me. I can still stand for the truth about Jesus and I will do that.

It is not a new situation when people differ regarding the Divinity of Jesus.  John 7:12 (KJV) states: There was much murmuring among the people concerning him:  for some said, He is a good man:  Others said, nay; but he deceiveth the people. The scholars of that day, the lawyers, scribes and priests were most vehement in their statements regarding his character.  Just as it is today, the multitudes followed him.  Strange, is it not, that he did not go to the elite in the religious establishment to set the “leavening” that would eventually leaven the whole world.  It would be natural to think that he would have gone to them to announce his plan and program.  He could have presumed that the establishment would assist to usher in the kingdom of God.  No, it was not God’s plan, for the babe was born to humble parents who nevertheless could claim their descent in the Davidic line, even though by generations!

My personal opinion is that God knows the heart and he sees the way to help the multitudes of people who are in need of a “physician.”  The familiar Christmas carol, says it so well; Where meek souls will receive him still, the dear Christ enters in.[1]

In Acts 28:24 the writer states; “and some believed the things which were spoken and some believed not.” (KJV) Then in Romans 3:3 (KJV) the writer says: “But what if some did not believe?  Shall this unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

If space permitted we could come down historically through the ages and show that the controversy regarding the person of Jesus has raged since the earliest days of Christianity.  It is recorded in the New Testament for all to read and on the pages of church history until the present day.  Some say that he was not fully human, others that he was.  It is significant that the discussion continues in 1978.  A large newspaper accords it first page space, and an extremely busy woman, such as I, will take the time to respond.  One wonders who will remember the professor, the theologian or this believer in another two thousand years, or even a hundred.

The crux of the matter is not who others say that he is, but “who say ye that I am?”  There are many who can answer as Peter did and the Lord “entered.” They have settled the question for eternity and now have received the “down payment” of Jesus in the Person of the Holy Spirit abiding in them forever!  Now that person who was stone dead, spiritually,  has been made alive, and is a living stone in the structure that Jesus is building. 1 Peter 2:7b-8a tells us, “The Stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, And a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence even to them which stumble at the Word.

Thank God we still have this freedom left in America, to worship, or not to worship, as we please.  We may air our faith or lack of faith publicly.  Each individual may respond or not as he chooses.  Lack of faith is many times a way of questioning and the Lord honors that, just as He did with Thomas.  He may appear to that person and give them evidence they no longer need doubt.

It is of utmost importance that we, who are in Christ, tell the story of all of the experiences we have when we are made aware of His presence and His power.  That is the way we let our light shine to a lost world, and become the salt of society.  What will happen if the salt loses it savor?

Year 2018 I will now add more thoughts at age 99.

The writing came to an abrupt ending, so I presume that I typed it up and closed it properly.

I wrote all of the above at age fifty-nine, and I am now ninety-nine.  This is the year 2018. The Lord has extended my life in answer to prayer several times in the past five years.  I can truly say, at this time it does not seem that the Christian leaders and teachers who were sending in their declarations regarding the divinity of Jesus Christ in 1978, have produced a preaching that prevailed. Our society is on a downward track at the present, and the pulpit at large has not been able to stop the millions of abortions of babies in this country that has happened since that writing.  The records the last time I saw statistics (which is now at least five years ago, so I pray that this figure is less). but it showed then that over 14,000 young people each day were being treated for venereal disease.  The church at large is guilty of compromising the gospel to please the world.  The overall result is complacency and a declining of baptisms.   Now we have a society where the culture is rapidly deteriorating to anarchy. Many who have ascended in power are wielding that power to betray all of the high ideals and values on which the country was founded; and the foundations of church, school and home are all under attack.  Many of these leaders are Christ haters and boast of licentious lifestyles.  Anarchy lurks around the corner.  It is already practiced in a large way, as multi-murders are the expected thing now. Beautiful university campus grounds are now being fenced in to keep the invaders out. Security is a problem now for all of our churches, since congregations are being murdered as they are in the act of worship. 

The President now in office is being thwarted in every effort made to bring about the necessary changes to remove the ungodly practices that have brought on the downfall of the underpinnings of Faith that has made us strong in the past.  For years nothing was done to enforce the laws that remain on the books.

Now even our courts are contaminated with this lawless attitude toward crimes that we have not allowed in the past, and our freedoms are eroding right in front of our eyes.  Child molesters are given a slap on the wrist.  Recently the television news has been filled with the accusations of those who have been sexually assaulted and many of the ones accused are in high positions in government or pubic life! We are in precarious times in America and the churches that preach the gospel without fear while it is yet day, are in danger of being hushed.  If that happens, godless television will grow even more outrageous; at present the profane and vulgar are the order of the day. Fake news networks have replaced the ones we depended on for unbiased journalism. We need to be cautious about what programs our children are watching, for even the ones created for their education and entertainment are sometimes filled with undesirable material and they are being robbed of childhood innocence.

CHRISTIANS MUST FORGET THEIR DIFFERENCES IN DOCTRINE AND STAND TOGETHER AS NEVER BEFORE!  If we all stood together right now, we are sufficient in number to defeat these powers that have taken over and are trying to destroy our form of government which states, In God we trust, on our currency. As the popular song says it so well, “You say tomato, and I say tomahto, so let’s call the whole thing off!”  That’s how ridiculous it is, when Christian people are at odds over fine points of doctrine!

In World War II, we were all just one big country—Everyone was willing to take a stand and that’s how we won that war, even though fighting on two fronts, with all the other nations taking sides. Governments that allow mass murder of civilian populations, were defeated, and since then, that unity of mind and spirit has been neglected.  The Big Depression caused our central government to assume larger proportions than the American people were accustomed to living under, but because of extreme poverty and hunger, the population allowed it. That started the need for bureaus which became total and complete during WW2. In order to defeat the two-front enemy, the government had to be centralized even more. This led into dependency for a huge element of our population.  These people not only tolerated the creeping take-over of our country by the socialist influence, but came to think of it as a way of life. And then you have those who have become the leeches—that is those who no longer get elected for a term or even two, but now it is a lifetime career.  There are some in congress who have fastened themselves on to the payroll of the congress, and form the legs and arms of the huge leech.  As you know the leech attaches itself by both ends to the body part of a person and it is extremely difficult to remove; nearly always requiring cutting.  We now have hundreds of bureaus each hiring hundreds and some of them thousands of people! This explains the hatred that they all feel for this president who was elected to office on the promise to Make America Great Again.  He would have been assassinated in this past year if it were not for the protection that is given to the person filling this office.

Long ago they passed laws that allow the government to put the hand in your pocket BEFORE you draw your pay and remove the taxes!  This is taxation without representation, and against our constitutional rights.  One by one they have stolen the rights of the people and besides all the burden of taxes they have gone in huge debt to a foreign power, just to keep up these entitlements that they extend to all!

In spite of all that this president has done to fight these freedom-stealing influences, every effort is made at this time to remove reference to the faith of our fathers from all public structures.  Even now it is in effect all over the land as crosses are not allowed in the public square.  Now, I am not standing up in a crowded theatre calling “Fire!”  It is time for alarm, and we are not going to defeat these voices that are screaming and burning our cities and destroying all of our historic sites–unless all the denominations of Christianity would forget theological divisions and get down to basics; it would be a formidable voting bloc.  Let them say what they want to say about the “far-right.” Yes, I want to be just as right as possible.  I’d rather be “right” than president, like the one who made that statement long ago before we had political correctness.  Many great statesmen felt that way in days when such sentiments were quoted and the ones who said them were remembered!   

 This is Feb.8, 2018.

I am reviewing all my files deciding which ones to save and this one came to my attention. The Lord recently spared my life again, I am now recovering and thankful again to the Lord for His wonderful mercy in allowing me a little bit more time to finish the task of writing.

Love the Lord and do your part!  Learn to say with all your heart, “Father, we thank Thee! Father we thank Thee!  Father in Heaven, we thank Thee!” (Mary M. Dodge, 1877)    There are signs all over that the church is waking up and so I believe the Lord will bring the nation back to its position of strength and right thinking.  The wind of the Lord’s Spirit is blowing and there is much to be thankful for as we move toward spring and summer.

There was a time when I did not worry which party was in control.  I might not agree with everything, but I could be good and sure that whoever was elected would be faithful to what the Constitution provides.  He or She would do what was right and there would be law and order.  That is the way it was as I grew up in America.  That is no longer the case.  We have a large element of the extreme left and they are behind all of this uproar in the populace and the people of that stripe who own the large news networks and they are filling the air with poisonous fake news regarding the new administration.  They are willing to defame even his family, and his cabinet –anyone who identifies themselves as conservative. 

I pray for the new administration constantly and I believe the Lord will keep them safe from the assassin’s bullet and the fake news reporters and all of this investigation will come to naught. That the president will be able to get his agenda in effect through congress.  Although some of them are infected with the virus of the “globalists” they are outnumbered and I believe the Lord will help them get us back on the right track in the American way of life. That we may enjoy our freedoms again, under the local state and county governments.  May the Lord bring all of this to pass in the very near future, and I pray that this will encourage all Christians to stand together against a common enemy.

We need to stay faithful to the American Way of Faith, Hope and Love that we have always enjoyed as a way of life.  I recently read a quote from one of the district judges who said the constitution was totally outdated and should not be referred to by any judge or lawyer.  This idea is prevalent in many of the law schools and is being drilled into the students who will come out and run for office so they can succeed in placing our people in bondage to a dictatorship. 


In a very short time my book, Storytelling in a Nutshell, Revised and Expanded will be ready to ship!  Praise the Lord for giving me a little bit more time to get this ready for you to use it to Glorify the Name above every Name and to keep His church prepared for His return! 

[1] O Little Town of Bethlehem. 1865 Philip Brooks (1835-1893)

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