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I want to write this blog to all my reading public to let you know that I am now awaiting the copies of my revision of the out-of-print book, Storytelling in a Nutshell. Many of you are aware that I have been preoccupied with this task for many months—a relatively simple job of going through that book and updating it where it needed it, rephrasing some of its text and that should have been easy to do.  I think that, since it was published by LifeWay Christian Resources in 1998, remaining in their catalog through four printings, we should have had it back in about six months.  That is certainly not the case.

At the time it went out-of-print, I was into writing the small devotional book that I promised my husband, Frank Bersch, before his demise, that I would write.  I had neglected to do that, and I felt that I had better get it done, since I was 97 or 8, and time waits for no one!  Before that, I had four books published without any problems!  Now, at this time, Microsoft decided to bring the operating systems that I had used successfully all that time, to a screeching halt and install on all the computers the one they had ready—the Number Ten! That caused my two computers to have no support system and I had to buy this computer.  Therein lies the story of nothing but trouble in the bubble!

I had huge problems all the way through Eternity in an Hour, the devotional book I was writing at the time, and when I began the revision of the storytelling book, the troubles were multiplied.  Last year, while visiting a friend, the computer slid off my lap onto the floor and the fall damaged the hard disk, causing the necessity for replacing it.  That brought on replacement of Word, and this did not help at all.  However, this caused me to think my computer was faulty, so I would not get the new Office 365 for I thought it would be crazy to install such a new software on a faulty computer, so I kept on until I was desperate and finally installed the new version of Office which is how I finally was able to finish the book, for the previous one would not save my changes, and all work for months was in vain!

Now we must remember that during this period of revision, I had a serious problem with the pacemaker and the treatment of it caused reaction to the drug and nearly took my life. I worked on it in fits and starts, but could not concentrate on it. Recovering has been long, and I lost so much weight that I am a skeleton at 103 lbs.  I get about, but I am not strong.  However, the Lord allowed me to live, and He kept me at the task, but when I finally got it to a place where it resembled a book text, I was too far spent to do the final edit and although my son would have done it for me, I knew that would be at least another month or so before we could finish and in the meantime the publisher had changed hands and this one gave me a deadline!  This book is probably filled with typographical errors!  No doubt it will not be pleasing to my critical eye, but the content is revised and expanded a bit.  I do hope it will be passable and that the errors will be forgiven, considering all that is involved in getting a book published. I may in future go in and make these corrections, but I doubt if I will have the time.

At present, I still have the poetry and the original stories to get into collections if the Lord allows the time.  I am hoping that I will have the time to get the poetry in order and do a reading of it on a CD.  I think poetry needs to be heard, either read aloud or recited.  I hope to be able to do that.  The original stories can all be placed in one book.  I am praying for the Lord to allow this extra time, but I realize that I will be one hundred years of age on January 23rd and that is not too far away!  A couple of months and then it will be my birthday!  I am glad that the storytelling book will still be here for those who wish to be telling stories for the Lord!  This is the reason He has allowed it, I feel sure, and whether He wants me to get the other two done for my family’s sake, I do not know, but I am asking.  Jesus said to ask!  Blessed Assurance!  Jesus is mine!

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