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And Then There Was Light

This is March, but I’m thinking ahead to April.  I love April! On March 1 7, 1945 I was married to Frank and Richmond, Virginia puts on her most beautiful garments when April goes forth to meet May.  Here is something I wrote about these two months.

April Meets May

Poem written April 21st, 2005

 It is Springtime in Virginia,

 and she whispers in my ear,

“I am donning all my very best and going to meet my dear!

I am putting on my gown of green,

with flowers in my hair,

I am carrying fragrant lilacs,

Longing eyes at me will stare.

They will sigh, ‘Ah!’ at my loveliness,

Turn their yearning eyes above—

‘April, oh, dear April, how I long so for my love!’

In my perfumed airs they’ll sway and dance,

          And misty eyes will glisten!

At my siren song of Spring, they turn enthralled to listen!

Ah, ‘tis time!  I don my best,

          Garbed now in Spring’s attire,

For our rendevous, our trysting place, our very heart’s desire!

Soon, soon we’ll meet, and then in union we will say,

          ‘Embrace and hold me!’

Sweet April then becomes dear May!”


         Here, this morning, as I write, Texas is showing all the signs of spring and I am reminded of that morning in 2008 when I was sinking low, oh my soul, sinking low!

I called on the Lord and he took me on a flight of fancy back, back  to my childhood and once again I crawled up under the gooseberry bush and sailed away on a flight of fancy.  I do know I was refreshed while Sloth, Mr. Ready-to-Halt, and Giant Despair were where they belonged and the joy of the Lord was once again my strength.

I say that because this is one story that you need to know it had a happy ending before you start to read it!  Besides that, you probably would dismiss it as a mere flight of fancy, and I choose to think of it as a visit with the Lord, and many of you will agree that these will sometimes take on an unreal or visionary character.

When I needed a place to live here in Texas, my nephew, Boxley, moved into a new home and allowed me to rent this house.  Since he had not moved into his new home at that time, my daughter-in-law drove me out to Phoenix to visit my daughter, Patricia.  I did that so I could have my car to drive about in. I visited for the summer, and in July I had the heart attack and had to have a four-way bypass to the heart.  Then I stayed until Thanksgiving Day when Frank came over and drove me back to Garland.  Here he had awaited my arrival to get the boxes opened, pictures hung and other things in place.  Between the two of us we were able to get the living room, dining room and kitchen in readiness for Christmas, and we celebrated Christmas here together.  Although I decorated with everything as I like to do, I felt it lacked so much because there were no grandchildren coming to make things merry.

After Christmas we began on the bedroom areas and the days reached February.

I was getting my computer station ready to work on, and the books put away in the book cases. I was still weak but I wanted to do this myself and gain strength from the effort. As a matter of fact, I had only finished with the therapist and the home nurse when I came home to Garland. I had lost weight down to 113 lbs, and looked like a refugee from a concentration camp therefore, I wanted to get strength back.

I wrote the first account of this as I was trying to bring order out of chaos in my place here in Garland, Texas. It was in February that this happened, but I was writing about it in March, 2008.

I was trying to get some work done and mentally I thought I could work like I always did.  However, the spirit was willing but I had to stop and rest a bit.  I was ready to drop.  As Mother used to say, I had come to the end of my tether but I didn’t want to stop until I had all the books up in the book cases.

I weeded my book collection before moving, but I still held to many favorites, and I was eager to look at them again so kept at it.

I worked a little at a time for a book is a heavy thing.  Suddenly I saw Mr. Ready-to-Halt coming toward me, and on his heels was the monster, Sloth.  They spotted Giant Despair  standing behind my chair and that made them bold.  They began to spill their poison in my ears, and I called on the Lord for help.  I was never so tired.  I began crying and asking the Lord what in the world caused me to give up my home, my loved ones and my church and move to Texas, and at that point I felt like giving up.

Now that moment is a memory, for I am ninety four years of age, and I was then eighty-nine.  I have been thinking about the way the Lord has kept me going.  It is now March, 2013 and I’m looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day. (the 17th) Then I will be remembering that date in the year 1945.  That was when Frank and I were married.  The day I am telling about as I stopped working I broke into tears and prayed, “Lord, I can’t do this. I have no heart to work at this house.  I miss my Richmond home!  Why did I do this?”

All along the way as we walk through this life, there are mysteries, but this is one of the greatest that I have encountered.  My friends of a lifetime are in Virginia, and all my roots, since age 21 are there in Richmond, Virginia.  This is what the Lord showed me as I pondered all the questions and confessed to Him that I was down on the bottom rung of the ladder and I did not have the strength to climb. .

This is another March, and today it’s a different kind of refreshment I need.  I need the kind David spoke of in the twenty-third Psalm.  My soul needs to be restored.  I’ve reached an impasse in writing the memoirs.  For several amazing reasons I am recalling the day that I was putting the books away and stopped to rest and pray.  The Lord reminded me again today of the strange thoughts that He gave me!  And again I will write them down and I will probably copy this into my memoirs.

Suddenly I  forgot all about my problems of getting the house in order.  When I asked the Lord for help, he made me to lie down and rest up under the gooseberry hedge, and I attuned my special ears and eyes.  It was not long at all before the Lord spread a table before me in the presence of my enemies; that horrible creature that Bunyan called “Sloth” and Mr. Ready-to-Halt, and the Giant Despair!  He anointed my special eyes and my cup was filled to the brim! The world disappeared in the mists and I heard,

“Maxine, if you think your life and your home situation is topsy-turvy, you should have seen what it was like as I went about the creation of mankind.  You see, whereas you have what seems to you a mixed-up mess of jumbled up boxes, and you are weak and tired, I will give you something else to think about.  It is a tale of unimaginable scope and in this answer to your plea for help I believe you need to hear a little bit of it.

This will give you a new perspective.

My special ears perked up.  My special eyes blinked a couple of times but then had no problem seeing it all.

He showed me a scene that covers eons of what I know as time, as well as what I will never know.  I saw that I must grasp the idea of space before Time was in place.  The Lord knows that my mind has had no formal training in astronomy or physics.  He remembers that I am dust.  I read, but I do not attempt as scholars would to break it all down and agree or disagree!

The Lord reminded me that there was enormous planning in the “work” of creation.     For the sake of my ignorance He allowed my thoughts to remain in the planetary system of the galaxy that earth is in.

The angelic host was in an uproar as they heard all the ramifications of the plan and they were perplexed about it.  Nevertheless, the plan was made and executed and the Lord finished it all in six days and Genesis tells us that He rested on the seventh.  The story was revealed to Moses.  He wrote the account of it in our Bible. Since writing in that day was many times more difficult than it is now, the Lord showed him how to write in simple words.  There in a few verses Moses covered eons as we know time. Now this is what the Lord revealed to me on my trip to the gooseberry bush that day when I was so tired and weak that I really wanted to forget about getting things in place.

He helped me imagine what it was like in heaven as the angelic hosts worked to bring order out of the chaos then in motion.  The placement of galaxies floated across my vision  and I heard the slosh of watery substance bobbing about there in the blackness.  There was total blackness, but I felt the strong wind of God’s Spiritual Essence as He hovered and blew over and around that blob of water.  Gradually a shadowy outline began to appear, and then the grayness of early dawn. Since God is Light, of course, the first thing He worked on was the lighting system.  There was something bobbing around there all right, bobbing and sloshing.

As I continued ruminating on the Creation story, I said, as I used to say when I was a child, “If you want to tell me something, Lord, I am listening.”  Yes, He wanted me to get the picture even if I could not begin to comprehend it.  This was Maxine, barely able to get about, but still it was the same Maxine and it came to me that day that the Lord told Job something about what was required in the beginning, and that I should be reminded of the words “when the morning stars sang together.”  That I should be quiet and consider the words “who shut the sea behind doors” and in fact all of the 38thchapter of Job jumped up and words from chapters 39,40 and 41 were brought to my mind!  I was still and the Lord began to speak to me of the earth’s orbit, and said that it was impossible to describe to me in words that I could recognize what was involved in correcting the earth’s orbit and the  precision of  placement in the perfect position so that its axis would continually keep the planet able to tolerate the rays of the sun and receive its life-giving benefits.  I tried to visualize the scene.

God gave me the thoughts about Time and how He brought it about.  Positioning of the stars and planets on their paths through the universe was accomplished in degrees and as that was taking place, time was also becoming a reality on planet earth.

I imagined every bit of the system up and running and God probably doing all sorts of things for He is the Great Cause!  I thought about the comets randomly zipping here and there while he was engaged in fixing things and the comets were knocking  planets out of the sky, or causing them to go rolling off their course and plow into stars or break larger.planets. into bits and send them twirling through space.

About that time I caught a glimpse of  angels grabbing Sloth, Mr. Ready-to-Halt, and Giant Despair by the collars, carrying them out the back gate of the garden and over to the barn.  They unlatched the door to the screened in place where they shoveled the refuse from the stalls.  They tied them and threw them in there to await their just rewards.  After that I was filled with the energy that only the Lord can give.

God showed me how simple and easy it should be for me to place these books on their shelves and get this place straight. With faith we do not need to understand it.  We have to be willing to trust and obey!

As the story unwound in my mind that day, I was shown my daily life in Christ.  I move and breathe in Him, for I have eternal life NOW.  God allowed me to hear Him say that he causes me to breathe involuntarily and my heart beats without any prompting from my consciousness.  Even the pacemaker works at His command.  As I write I am in God’s timelessness.

The planet is gradually turning on its axis and at the same time it is traveling through blackest space, at the speed of 67,062 miles per hour, which is 1,000 time faster than the speeds we travel on the highway.[1] Although the Lord’s huge lighthouse gives his light that illumines the planet day and night, still He supplies the little lanterns that we carry on the pathway, and these I consider my mother’s teachings.  They have never left me, and each sheds its light on the path.

[1] Wikipedia.  I googled the question, “speed of earth in orbiting the sun.”

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  1. max says:

    April 15, 2013 – 7:04 PM
    I love creation…and I love my Mother…thank you for the words of encouragement for when I am hounded by Sloth, Mr. Ready-to-Halt, and Giant Despair.

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