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A New Year

This is still 2012 for a few hours, so before the world comes to an end as for hundreds of years people have predicted it will do in 2012, I will get these few words down.

                        I am always amazed at the thousands of people who will believe a Mayan prophecy, and they will make all kinds of to-do about it on TV or talk radio.  They wonder what this big calamity will be?  They fully expect something dreadful to happen and it is discussed pro and con all around.

                        However, there are millions of us who know for a fact that there is a Book filled with prophecies about the Day of the Lord! The thing about this prophecy is that many prophets have foretold its coming, including Jesus, the Christ. The date is withheld and the reason for that is, NO ONE except the Lord knows the day or the hour.  We are given certain signs that show it is near, but as for the date?  We only know that the Word says it will happen unexpectedly.

            Two women will be working in the kitchen, one chopping onions and the other opening a can of something or other, and suddenly, one of them will disappear!   

Two men driving down the road together talking about their next big business venture, and suddenly one of them will not be there.  If you happen to be in that car it will not matter if it happens to be the driver and you are left sitting there.  Grab the wheel—what happens next is between you and your Maker!

            Oh, all this time you have been ignoring every warning, and calling it an old wive’s tale!  Well, just as Time had a beginning during that Creations week, it will now have an ending. 

            Certain things are scheduled to take place, but we are not give dates on the calendar.  The reason for that omission is given, and anyone who has an ear to hear can easily understand that it is withheld so that we are not going to let one minute pass by without being completely prepared.  The fact that I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt in this writing is this– that the Lord will come as a thief does.  You might think you will never have to be bothered by a burglar but nevertheless you have an alarm system installed, or you keep a baseball bat handy, or a pepper spray, or a loaded pistol.  You are ready.  That’s why the Lord keeps us in the dark about the hour of his coming!  We must be prepared at any moment.

            That’s why we have Christmas, which we celebrated last Tuesday, December 25, 2012! That was the Day the Lord provided the Balm in Gilead!  A healing for the sin-sick soul!  After tomorrow we’ll take down the decorations and 2013 will be ushered in, and then begins another year of preparation for that DAY.  Until He comes he has given us certain things that He wants accomplished. He organized the church and gave instructions to be carried out.  We are to tell the good news and then we are to baptize and teach.

            What most people fail to understand is that God is a Spirit, and they who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.  You look around and draw your own conclusions regarding that instruction we were given.  The reality of the Spiritual World is becoming more and more apparent as we see the forces of evil becoming more and more in control of our world, for God has ordained this and is allowing this TROUBLE IN THE BUBBLE to perk, perk, perk up, up, until it reaches the top of the pot and boils over.  His Word teaches that people will run to and fro and knowledge shall increase!  His Word teaches that “As it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be in the Last Days.” 

            Now, how was it in the days of Noah?  It was evil that had spread until every imagination of people’s hearts spelled corruption.  Look around you now and what do you see?  What are you seeing on television? What are you allowing to come before your eyes? 

            Just remember that the eyes are the windows of the soul!  When people hear that remark they think it means that when you look at a person’s eyes it reveals the condition of the soul—well, yes, it does.  If I come up to the windows of your house and look in, I can see what is in there, sure enough.  But just as sunshine is allowed in through the windows and light, if you open them up, just anything can get in and ruin your home.  Therefore, the windows of the soul must remain closed to what is harmful to the soul and the Spirit of a person.  

            “Oh,” I hear you saying, “I don’t let my mind dwell on the murder and mayhem that they show and the language they use.”

            Ask any specialist and see that I am not exaggerating.  Everything that enters the brain is dropped down into the subconscious, and that is the gateway to the spirit world.  Where do you suppose all these demons are coming from that are taking over nowadays and killing off hundreds of people every year?  Chicago has had its most horrible year in ages, I heard on the news.  We have all mourned this past year and it is laid to “mental illness.”  Why is mental illness that results in violent crimes against humanity so much more prevalent now?  Sometimes they say,” I don’t understand it. He/She was a model student, and seemed well adjusted.”  We are talking about a form of mental illness that is causing this violent behavior.  We should look into the mental health of our children and put a stop to this type of programming entering the minds of our precious babies while they sit in front of the idiot box hour after hour, and I have watched the children’s programming to see what is taking place there, and you should be selective about which ones they are allowed to watch.I assure you all that glitters is not gold.  Satan has invented all kinds of ways to steal the hearts and minds of the children!  That is where the trouble lies.  Eternal vigilance is the price you pay to save the minds of your children.

            The Bible teaches that the programming of the mind during the formative years is the crucial time to teach the values that mean the difference between life and death in the years that the person has on planet earth.  It says that the sins of the fathers are visited on the children down several generations, and the children of righteous parents are blessed for thousands of generations.  Do you really love your children?  If you do, you will deny them any TEEVEE except the wholesome –the good—the beautiful—and the truly funny, of course.  God made us creatures who can enjoy laughter, and I am one of the greatest proponents of good humor, but Lord save us in 2013 from much what is called humor in 2012.

            I just took the last of my antibiotics today, for I have been fighting acute bronchitis.  I am thankful for modern medicines.  I will probably be getting over this for another week or so, but I am getting better, since I am able to think and to write this blog for my website.  I am praying for all my readers who visit the site.  Any one who is weary or heavy laden, those who are sorrowful, those who have made resolutions to give up some bad habit and you still have it, I am praying for you.  Jesus stands at the door and knocks.  This is the One you want too admit into your “house.” He promises to come in and have a meal with you and you get to say that you not only met the Lord, but he visited you and had dinner with you and stayed in the kitchen and talked while you straightened up, and had an extra cup of coffee with the pie and you had a chance to get to know Him!  While he was there He brought you a Christmas gift and when you said, “Oh, I don’t have anything for you!” He laughed and said, “But you have not opened your package yet! Open your present!” You then tear off the wrapping, and open the beautiful heart shaped box—in it you find a gift of faith, hope and love!  Now, you have the perfect gift for Him!  You are filled with joy and thanksgiving and you say, “Lord, this gift of love is just what I needed!  I love it!  I know now what I can give you!  I give you my love!  I want to wear this gift every day, for every occasion and show the world that you are so good!  Please stay all the time and make this your home!” 

            The day you open the door to the Savior He says that He and the Father will come and make their home with you!  How absolutely wonderful! 

            I know that many of my friends and family can say Amen to that and that makes it possible to say Happy New Year!  I will be 94 years of age in a few days and the Lord has given me extra years to enjoy each one of you and as Mother used to say, Love and devotion as deep as the ocean! As we walk with the Lord, in the light of His Word, What a glory He will shed on our way!  As we do His good will, He abides with us still, and with ALL who will trust and obey!

            Now we say “finis” to the year 2012, and we hail the new year as an opportunity to shine more brightly than ever for the Lord.  I am personally hoping to finish the memoirs by February, and the rewrite by the end of March, get it into print by April, then do the corrections by May and the book should be ready to distribute by May, June at the latest—Lord willing.  Be praying for me that I will stay focused on this goal. 

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  1. max says:

    Carol Satz-National Storytellers League-Immediate Past President
    January 21, 2013 – 7:49 AM
    Hi, Mackie…
    Really ENJOYING your website! Your blog is SENSATIONAL!!! I look forward to reading your new book, UNDER THE GOOSEBERRY BUSH!!! I would love to write an article about it in Story Art Magazine. I wish you the VERY BEST for a VERY Healthy and Happy New Year!!! Love…and Yours in Storytelling, Carol Satz

  2. max says:

    January 28, 2013 – 10:08 PM
    I remember when I was about 5 years old, and we were having lunch in the Ukrop’s cafe by your house in Richmond (we did this often, but I remember this one so well). You were explaining to me the Gift of Salvation, the Lord’s coming, and what they have to do with each other. You described it similarly to how you did in the beginning of this blog: “You see, Lynwood, the Lord could come right now, and you and I would simply vanish, and perhaps that man over there (you sort of gestured with your head) isn’t saved — though we don’t know whether he is or not — he would just stay right there and wouldn’t even notice! He might have thought we just got up and walked away.”
    For some reason, I still have the visual that ran through my mind, still fresh right there…I just picture the back of us, walking hand in hand toward the doors of Ukrop’s. I don’t know why that stuck in my mind so well, but it did. And your blog reminded me of it. I couldn’t have been older than 5, because I remember in the visual, I didn’t have glasses and my hair was still long and curly (I got glasses and my first big hair cut at 6, you see)…My memory is ever so vivid!! Must be from you! I love you Grandmac!!

    <3 Lynwood

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