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Here on her website, Maxine is eager for you to know her as a friend. She plans to make this a place where you will love to turn for thoughts to lift your spirits, and for laughter...

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Eternity in an Hour

The book, Eternity in an Hour, with subtitle, The Storyteller's Little Book About God's Big Gift of Time, is a testimony to the author's years of service as a Christian storyteller.


Maxine's Blog Page

Hey Bloggers, here is a quick link to Maxine's Blog page so you can jump right in and start reading her awesome blogs, so blog on...

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Under The Gooseberry Bush

Maxine's "many splendored" book of memoirs where you will meet "Mac," child of the mountains, born ninth of ten children. Her book brings us over 100 stories, a treasure-trove...

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Rosin for the Bow

John's stories show his passion for music, his essential search for his own niche and his wish to leave something tangible of himself for his children and their children...

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A Voice in the Wilderness

Josephine (Jo) Elgin was a teacher in the mountains of West Virginia in the 1920's. This book contains her biographical stories, poems, essays and compositions...

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A Tribute to Carol Satz

Carol Satz: Past President National Storytellers League. Carol has helped me to stay focused with her words of encouragement for the writing and the storytelling...

Carol Satz

Church Librarians Network

It is a fabulous social and educational website for all the states are also organized in this framework and this is my personal page on the site...

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National Storytellers League

The National Storytellers League encourages the appreciation for the good and beautiful in life and in literature through the art of storytelling...

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      All of Maxine’s friends and family call her “Mackie” and that is what she hopes you will do, if you are not already one who knows her. 

   Mackie has been telling stories all her life, but she has sixty—one years of going out to the public, so on her site she will likely be telling some stories that you can learn and tell.  This is something that is second nature to her—a way of communication and as she says, “I love to tell the story!”

   At present, she has finished writing her memoirs, so she will be coming here regularly and adding new thoughts to her blog.  Her blog is all about storytelling, stories, and she loves to share her thoughts on subjects that we all like to think about—Mackie says she has never stopped wondering.  “Think of the wonders of God,” she sings, so she loves to write about some of the things that are wonder—full!  A new way to spell a word—she comes up with things like that to pique the imagination!

   She never impressed me as being one of her years!  In fact, she likes to say that she hates to think of herself as a grown woman, much less an “old lady.”  I think she said she read that somewhere and forgot who said it, but decided it was her own sentiments exactly, so she claims it.  Knowing that she has a kindred spirit out there who feels the same way lends charm to the idea.

   So this is the site for stories, poetry, the words to old forgotten songs that she knows from her mountain heritage, reminiscing about events in her life, and what she loves best of all to talk about—unseen things above.  Of Jesus and His Glory—of Jesus and His love!

    Come back often.  You will always find a warm welcome here at Mackie’s place.


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Eternity in an Hour

This book covers a period of time when the author, Maxine J. Bersch, was so engrossed in study and prayer about the subject of “time” that she was unaware the major events taking place were God’s way of bringing about a second career for her! While she was asking Him about “time,” He was causing her storytelling to go from the local church and association to the state and national through the church library association. She thus discovered that God was answering her prayer and bringing her into the redemption of time in service to Him through her telling skills!

While Maxine was ignoring the passage of years, her hours and days were given over to telling stories and teaching the skills to the leaders at regional conference centers, and subsequently to nearly every state where Southern Baptists have work. Maxine celebrates her ninety-seventh birthday on January 23, 2016, and the years have flown as she expresses in this little book, while she has ignored them and lives one day at a time abiding in Christ and serving Him.

The stories are from her own experience and, while entertaining, they are the truth and show that God’s perfect will for her is pleasing and perfect! The aim of the book is to show the way to live life in contentment and happiness is to turn it all over to the Lord and allow Him to transform your life by renewing your mind, as Romans 12:1-3 spells it out. Only then will you be able to prove to the world that God’s will is good, pleasing and perfect!